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We study basic and translational aspects of thyroid cancer genetics and biology using a variety of techniques in human samples, cell systems and animal models.

The current interests of the lab comprise:

  • Understanding the role of TERT (telomerase reverse transcriptase) promoter mutations in thyroid cancer progression, including the mechanisms of transcriptional deregulation and its downstream consequences in thyroid cancer biology.
  • Identifying genomic determinants of malignancy and evolution in thyroid nodules and cancers, particularly those affecting the regulatory elements of the genome.
  • Providing preclinical rationale that can inform novel and individualized therapies for anaplastic thyroid cancer patients.

Our aim is to produce scientific knowledge of the highest quality while achieving a healthy work-life balance. We support each other, we share ideas, resources and experiences, and we celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments.


Iñigo Landa, PhD

Principal Investigator

Jacob Haase, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Talia Gebhard, BA

Research Assistant

Cait Thornton, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Lucy (Soo Y.) Im, BS

Research Volunteer

Amy LoTemplio

Summer Student

Chisom Unegbu

Summer Student

Theodora Pappa, MD, PhD

Onco-Endocrinologist at BWH/DFCI

Athanasios Bikas, MD

Clinical/Research Fellow Endocrinology

Jess (Jingzhu) Hao, MSc

Was: Research Assistant
Now: PhD Student, UMass Boston
  • Ahmadi S, Coleman A, de Morais NS, Landa I, Pappa T, Kang A, Kim MI, Marqusee E, Alexander EK. Clinical experience following implementation of routine SPECT CT imaging following 131-iodine administration for thyroid cancer. Endocr Connect. 2022 May 25;11(5):e210371. doi: 10.1530/EC-21-0371. PMID: 35521806.
  • Pappa T, Ahmadi S, Bikas A, Hwang S, Coleman A, Lobon I, Xiang P, Kim M, Marqusee E, Richman DM, Durfee SM, Asch EH, Benson CB, Frates MC, Landa I, Alexander EK. Thyroid nodule shape independently predicts risk of malignancy. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2022 Apr 19:dgac246. Online ahead of print. PMID: 35439309.
  • Zhao B, Aggarwal A, Im SY, Viswanathan K, Landa I, Nehs MA. Effect of lactate export inhibition on anaplastic thyroid cancer growth and metabolism. J Am Coll Surg. In press.
  • Xu B, Zhang L, Setoodeh R, Mohanty AS, Landa I, Balzer B, Tiedje V, Ganly I, Dogan S, Fagin JA, Ghossein R. Prolonged survival of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma is associated with resectability, low tumor-infiltrating neutrophils/myeloid-derived suppressor cells, and low peripheral neutrophil-to- lymphocyte ratio. Endocrine. 2022 Feb 11. PMID: 35149932.
  • Ahmadi S, Pappa T, Kang A, Coleman A, Landa I, Marqusee E, Kim M, Angell TE, Alexander EK. Point of care measurement of body mass index and thyroid nodule malignancy risk assessment. Front. Endocrinol. (Lausanne). 2022 Feb 11;13:824226. PMID: 35222281.
  • Ghossein CA, Dogan S, Farhat N, Landa I, Xu B. Expanding the spectrum of thyroid carcinoma with somatic DICER1 mutation: a survey of 829 thyroid carcinomas using MSK-IMPACT next-generation sequencing platform. Virchows Arch. 2021 Sep 27. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34580763.
  • Xu B, David J, Dogan S, Landa I, Katabi N, Saliba M, Khimraj A, Sherman EJ, Tuttle RM, Tallini G, Ganly I, Fagin JA, Ghossein RA. Primary high-grade non-anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: a retrospective study of 364 cases. Histopathology. 2022 Jan;80(2):322-337. PMID: 34449926.
  • Siegmund S, Landa I, Wong KP, Barletta JA. Hürthle cell neoplasms. Diagnostic Histopathology. 2021; 27(6): 231-239. doi:
  • Xu B, Fuchs TL, Dogan S, Landa I, Katabi N, Fagin JA, Tuttle RM, Sherman EJ, Gill AJ, Ghossein R. Dissecting Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma (ATC): A Comprehensive Clinical, histologic, Immunophenotypic, and Molecular Study of 360 Cases. Thyroid. 2020 Oct;30(10):1505-1517. PMID: 3228402

If you would like to support our research, please follow the donate link below, choose “Other”, and input “The Landa Lab”.


Our lab is located in the Longwood Medical Area in Boston, MA. We are within a rich scientific environment that includes Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and other Harvard Medical School affiliated academic institutions.

If you are interested in participating in our research, please send an email with your CV and brief cover letter to Dr. Landa.


77 Avenue Louis Pasteur

4BF (HIM) Building

Rooms 645A/632

Boston, MA 02115

617.525.5153 / 617.525.4016

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